Thursday, June 19, 2014

Supreme Knight Video: Membership Growth is key to Success of the Order


Brother Knights,

Membership growth is essential to the success of the Knights of Columbus. With the addition of each new member, the Order is better able to serve the Church and those most in need in our communities. But it isn’t just the Order that benefits from new members. Each new member benefits too.

As a new brother Knight, a man has the opportunity to grow in his faith through our many programs and resources and to live out his faith through service to God and his neighbor. A new brother Knight also gains access to our top-rated insurance to protect his family.

When a man joins the Knights of Columbus, it’s a win for everyone: for him, for his family, for his Church, for the community and for the Order.

During the recent 2014 Organizational Meeting of State Deputies, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson addressed the Order’s leaders on keys to success in their role, including the need to grow each jurisdiction in membership. Excerpts from his address are included in this short video.

Please take the time to watch these remarks, share them with your brother Knights, and use them as inspiration as you plan your own recruitment efforts for the coming fraternal year.