Friday, August 1, 2014

Silver Rose is in Tucson

Worthy Chapter President, District Deputy and Brother Luis.  Greetings.  Today, I met with Worthy District Deputy Jon Gordon between Yuma and Tucson to receive the Silver Rose and accompanying materials and transport them to Tucson.  Praise be to God, all went well and the Silver Rose is with me in Tucson.  Could you please help spread the word that the Silver Rose is now in Tucson and will be for only a limited time (this next week) and will move to Sierra Vista next Saturday? St.  Augustine Cathedral council has the Silver Rose reserved for next Friday night, August 8 and I intend to make arrangements to transfer it to Worthy District Deputy Larry Powers on Saturday, August 9.  I understand that he will make arrangements with Worthy District Deputy Bob Julian  for the transfer to Phoenix after the Silver Rose travels through Southeast Arizona.  So if you or our Worthy Chapter Secretary could help spread the word, it would be most appreciated:

The Silver Rose is in Tucson from today (August 1)   until Friday  (August 8).  All councils are encouraged to contact District Deputy Tom Bayham by phone (906-5170) or by email ( to arrange for the Silver Rose to travel to their councils and parishes.  Parish Holy Hours are encouraged with the permission of your Pastors.  Many prayer books are available for an approximately half hour prayer and meditation, and the Silver Rose may be displayed in appropriate places for viewing by the entire congregation for a larger block of time. 

The Silver Rose is already reserved for the afternoon/evening of Friday August 8 at St. Augustine Cathedral but is available any other day or time until then. Please contact District Deputy Tom Bayham to reserve a date and time this coming week.  The Silver Rose is amazingly beautiful and a fitting tribute to Our Blessed Mother.  The handcrafted precious rose will make its way through the US and travel to Mexico for the Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe in December.  Google  "Silver Rose" for plenty of information about the history and tradition of the Silver Rose.  This special masterpiece will only be in the Tucson area this week and probably won't return until next year, so don't delay in making arrangements.

If that could be sent out on the chapter email blaster, perhaps more councils will undertake this opportunity?  On the road with the Silver Rose, I had an amazing discovery.  I was able to tune in to Immaculate Heart radio on am out of Phoenix.  What an inspirational, Catholic specific wonder!  I lost the signal heading into Casa Grande/I-10 area, but it was a riveting hour or so of incredibly edifying dialogue, prayer and discussion.  I could really get used to that on the am dial down here and there is no telling how many people would be similarly touched to have that available.  I had never heard it before, but heard so much technical precision about Catholicism, it was truly inspiring.  They had a piece where non Catholics were invited to call in for an hour with any question at all --the questions were really insightful and the responses even more so.  I heard at one time there was talk about the station being broadcast in Tucson and I never heard about that again.  But I experienced it for the first time and believe that  that would be a wonderful tool to assist our evangelization efforts.  It could be that I am being covetous a bit and would love to be able to listen to that station all the time and share it with my family and friends in Tucson, but perhaps if I found it that interesting, others may as well?  I would for sure have that programmed right next to the old time oldies station 1400, and the two sports talk stations, and the new station that will broadcast ASU games, on my am dial.  Or it could be that I am the last guy who listens to am in Tucson?  Either way, I felt moved to share my epiphany.  Thanks for letting me share.

I look forward to seeing you soon Worthy Chapter President.  I hope all is well.  Vivat Jesus!  Tom Bayham