Friday, June 20, 2014

Alert: Fortnight for Freedom

Dear Brother Knights,

On June 21 – July 4, Catholics throughout the nation will commemorate the annual Fortnight for Freedom. This period of prayer, fasting, and advocacy will be a time for faithful Americans to respond to the many threats to religious liberty our country currently faces. This year’s theme is the “Freedom to Serve,” which highlights the good that Catholic apostolates do for the poor.

For information on this year’s fortnight and suggestions on what you can do on behalf of our religious liberties, we encourage you to visit As leaders in your parish communities, we encourage you to organize and participate in activities in cooperation with your priests and parish leadership. Individually, we ask you to offer special prayers and sacrifices on behalf of our precious First Amendment religious freedoms during the Fortnight.

The Knights of Columbus throughout the years has been steadfast in its defense of our First Amendment right to religious freedom. In union with our priests and bishops, we can continue this legacy through our enthusiastic support of the Fortnight for Freedom.

Carl A. Anderson
Supreme Knight

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Supreme Knight Video: Membership Growth is key to Success of the Order


Brother Knights,

Membership growth is essential to the success of the Knights of Columbus. With the addition of each new member, the Order is better able to serve the Church and those most in need in our communities. But it isn’t just the Order that benefits from new members. Each new member benefits too.

As a new brother Knight, a man has the opportunity to grow in his faith through our many programs and resources and to live out his faith through service to God and his neighbor. A new brother Knight also gains access to our top-rated insurance to protect his family.

When a man joins the Knights of Columbus, it’s a win for everyone: for him, for his family, for his Church, for the community and for the Order.

During the recent 2014 Organizational Meeting of State Deputies, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson addressed the Order’s leaders on keys to success in their role, including the need to grow each jurisdiction in membership. Excerpts from his address are included in this short video.

Please take the time to watch these remarks, share them with your brother Knights, and use them as inspiration as you plan your own recruitment efforts for the coming fraternal year.

Thursday, June 12, 2014




The following statement comes from State Deputy Bryant Sayers, leader of the
Knights of Columbus in Arizona.

"Our thoughts and Prayers are with the family of Fr. Kenneth Walker (may he
rest in peace), the parishioners of Mater Misericordiae Mission in Phoenix,
and with Fr. Joseph Terra, that may he recover quickly. The Arizona Knights
of Columbus stand ready to support Council 15576 and the parishioners of
Mater Misericordiae Mission."

Both priests are members of the Knights of Columbus and Council 15576 based
out of Mater Misericondiae Mission, a Latin Rite Catholic church at 16th
Avenue and Monroe in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information,please contact John Garcia, Public Relations Director
for the Knights of Columbus at telephone (602) 525-4424.


John S. Garcia
Public Relations Director
Arizona State Council
Knights of Columbus
Telephone: (602) 525-4424