Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Career Opportunity

Are you aware of our Order's recent accomplishments? This year we exceeded $88 billion of life insurance in force. This life insurance translates into income for our families, funds for education, mortgages and retirement. Just as important is the peace of mind our members have knowing that their families are properly protected.

To provide our ever-growing membership with the service they deserve, we are increasing our full-time staff in your area. I plan to contract an additional field agent for our agency, and could use some assistance finding the right person. The ideal candidate should have an entrepreneurial spirit, strong work ethic, unquestionable honesty and a desire to assist his Brother Knights and their families. Most likely, this person is presently employed and successful at his job, but perhaps he is dissatisfied with his current position and seeks a positive change.

Our agents enjoy higher than average income along with the flexibility of schedule that comes with being self-employed. We also provide extensive training, continuing education and support. In addition, a complete compensation package is available, which includes health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, pension and 401K, training and expense allowance, bonus programs, incentive trips and more.

This great career is not for everyone. That's why I am writing you in the hope that you may know of someone, among your many acquaintances, who fits this profile and is looking for more out of life. Or, maybe you are considering a career change and this position sounds interesting. If you would like to discuss the field agent opportunity, please contact me at 480-285-1728 or