Saturday, May 25, 2013

Items Required for First Degrees

All councils are reminded that when bringing candidates to other councils for First Degrees they should always bring a K of C rosary, Emblem of the Order pin, membership card and a copy of “These Men They Call Knights” for each of their candidates. Too often, councils bring candidates for First Degrees without these items.

Of course, the Financial Secretary, Grand Knight and candidate’s proposer should accompany the candidate to the degree whenever possible. A candidate should never attend a degree unaccompanied by a member of his council.

You should also provide a properly completed and signed Form 100 for each candidate. Each of your candidates should sign your council’s Constitutional Roll prior to coming to the degree.

If you need to order these items, do so on a standard Form 1.
Constitutional Roll is item 343 and costs $2.00.
Candidate’s Kit is item 531 and costs $3.50. The kit includes a rosary, rosary prayer card, copy of “These Men They Call Knights”, Emblem of the Order pin and additional materials.
Form 100-AZ is a no charge item.

Councils should always have an ample supply of these materials on hand.

Vivat Jesus!
Pete Karculias
Chief Judge John M. Roll Chapter