Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Choir Hot Info

Hi Knight Choir Members & All Chapter Knights Who Want To Choir Sing;


There will be a rehearsal for the October 12, 2013 Rosary Celebration
at St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton (SEAS).  The rehearsal will be this coming
Sunday, October 6, 2013 from 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm in SEAS School
Basement.  I will be there this coming Sunday.  Signs will be
posted to guide you.

Click here to download the schedule of the music for the Rosary Celebration.

The music for Knights Choir is standard as shown.

We need a good showing.  I realize some have conflicts with the
rehearsal and the Celebration itself.

I have recruited Dr. Michael Koss, a new Knight who helps out
over at St. Odilia's Choirs to be our conductor.  Michael is a
young Ph.D. who also plays the piano and organ.  I have had
experience with him as a teaching conductor over at Tucson
Masterworks Chorale and the Sons of Orpheus.  Mike has great
patience and understands a teaching conductor's approach in
getting the best from all levels of choir members.  I have also
recruited one for sure composer, Georgia Mendians, who has
worked as a choir director/composer over at St. Francis de Sales.
Within the next few weeks I hope to recruit another composer
and find a rehearsal space.

Hope to see you at the rehearsal at SEAS!  For Info and help

contact Tommy Hassett or (520) 326-5175.

Vivat Jesus,
Tommy Hassett